"If you wanna go where nobody has gone, you have to do what nobody does!"



The company was founded in 2012. We are a Brazilian company, based in Sao Paulo / Brazil.

My name is Agatha Martins, I'm the owner and general director of the company and I'm in the transportation and security market since 1998.

AMOPS VIP brings to the market my 18 years of experierence with a new concept of customer service.  We are flexible, specialized in interpersonal relationships, we are aware of all the guidelines, having full commitment to our customer's needs and we are pleased to make a difference. What we want is to be seen as your right arm. We strive to have your trust and be the one to whom you can call when you need support in your business. 

We have direct customers and we are also representatives of international transport and security companies. In all cases, we excel by transparency, loyalty, honesty and total commitment to our customers, for whom we have absolute respect and gratitude for their trust.

We are very well known in the market by our high level exigencies, procedures, protocols and the differentiated and highly professional way to conduce operations (and we will continue like that!). Our customers expect nothing less than the best of us, and that's the why we are perfectionists and for this reason this company was created: to go beyond expectations.

From the top of our eighteen years in the market, we feel privileged to have the best partners in the transport and security market: drivers, fleet operators, security professionals and others who, like us, are committed to total quality. We have a team composed of more than 5,000 professionals registered throughout South America. And that's our little secret: if we don't have what you are looking for, we will certainly know who does!

We would like to thank our customers, affiliates, employees and partners for these four years of success by enhancing our best wishes and highest consideration.

Muito Obrigada!

Ágatha Martins and AMOPS Team